Coronavirus Impact and How a Top DJ Company Manages Affected Events

The coronavirus impact has shaken up the world. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, countries are on lockdowns and people are put into quarantine. It caused schools to shut down, business operations to halt, and for events to cancel or reschedule until further notice.


The entertainment industry has faced a series of postponement or cancellations of graduations, weddings, Sweet 16s, corporate events, and more. DJs, MCs, and other event vendors are feeling the impact more and more while there’s still uncertainty of when this COVID-19 situation will really end.

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But despite this difficult time around the globe, it’s still best to build and maintain good relationships with your clients. Think of the long-time clients who you served from their bridal shower to their wedding to their kids birthday party. The company who always hires you for their corporate holiday party. Your favorite family who you’ve DJed for on different occasions. And even those new clients who had great vibes with you from that very first phone call. Work with them closely for much needed solutions to their affected events.


According to Supermix Entertainment, one of New York’s top-rated event companies, they truly value every event. They know how much the clients invest in the most special days of their lives, not only financially but more importantly the effort, time, and emotions that go into these events. This is why whenever they come out for an event, they go with all their heart and expertise to bring their clients the best party experience that they can ever have.


Though coronavirus caused their business a lot of trouble, this super team of bilingual DJs, MCs, and event entertainers are always ready to rock it. They also shared how they are managing their current bookings:


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Push through as planned

Because of the way COVID-19 is spread, added measures would be applied before, during, and after the event. This includes good personal hygiene among their staff and sanitation of all their equipment. There would be strict compliance with government guidance, health advisories, and venue protocols.


Cancellation due to coronavirus

Even the most carefully put-together events were badly hit. Reasons vary but in the end, rescheduling was not an option. This is the worst case, and hopefully, as things get better and everything gradually and naturally returns to normal, special events will be part of the plans again. Supermix Entertainment is just an email or phone call away to help you make that awesome party happen!


Hold for a future date

They let their clients rebook at no extra cost. As a consideration for affected events during this pandemic, the DJ company made a special arrangement to credit the deposits or full payments for a future date. Supermix Entertainment and their photo booth partner, 321 Photo Booth have expressed that they will give their clients the best party experience ever, especially after a challenging time.


Virtual Events

To cater to the current demand on virtual events, Supermix Entertainment introduced a new service – virtual DJ parties. It features customized visuals, crowd engagement and live streaming. They can steam in HD on almost any platform like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube too. Also included is the event recording for personal use.

It’s a new and different experience but definitely, just another platform for their company to showcase their skills, expertise, and commitment in bringing superb event entertainment. To learn more about Supermix Virtual Events pricing and availability, you can visit this page-



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