Virtual Party Tips and Entertainment Ideas

virtual party

Planning to celebrate a special occasion despite the distance? We got you! A virtual party is a creative solution to have memorable moments with your loved ones amid the pandemic. While there’s nothing like gatherings to help celebrate life’s milestones, hosting a virtual party is a popular alternative to keeping the celebrations going.

Because of the pandemic, in real life parties are restricted. But virtual events are getting more and more creative these days. Now you can celebrate with an online birthday party, Sweet 16, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Take a school event or a corporate celebration online. You can also have a virtual game night or even host a virtual wedding ceremony.

Here are some helpful information on hosting a virtual party. We also included entertainment ideas to get you started.


Pick the best date and time

First, pick the best time and date. One of the best things about virtual events is that you can celebrate with your family and friends wherever they are in the world. However, the date and time are as relevant as ever. Also, keep in mind that there are more activities happening from home these days like work and other important matters. You can ask your attendees for time and date suggestions. Go with the one where most people will be available.


Choose a virtual party theme

Next, choose a theme for your online party. Just like in real life events, the theme will make it extraordinary. You can make virtual invitations, set a dress code, and pick activities around it. This way, your party will be set apart from the usual online meetings and video calls. The theme will add to the fun and give you the feeling of togetherness, even though you’re just seeing each other through screens.

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Set a program

Another important element: the party program. Treat your virtual event like a real party. Create an event timeline to make sure everything goes smoothly. Ideally, online parties shouldn’t be too long. A 30 minutes to 1 ½ hour program is good for most online gatherings. You can include visual presentations and online party games to make it more exciting.


Select your virtual party platform

Online platforms are the new party venues. It can be on Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger. The current favorite is hosting a Zoom party. Take it to the next level by live steaming your event on social media. Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Instagram Live, and Twitch are some top options.


Hire event entertainment professionals

Final tip: trust the experts. Hire event entertainment professionals as you would for in real life events. This will totally elevate your virtual party experience. Hiring a professional DJ, MC, and other entertainers who offer to showcase their talents online will save you from the stress of running the event by yourself and having awkward or dull moments. They will keep the program going in perfect timing. Most importantly, the event experts will make sure you and all the attendees are being in the moment and having a great time.


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Supermix Entertainment Virtual Events

To cater to the growing demand on virtual party entertainment, we at Supermix have added a special line of services for online parties. Our services include the following features:

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  • Customized text for messaging and shout-outs
  • High definition live stream on social media – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube simultaneously in real time
  • Live stream event recording for client’s personal use
  • Crowd engagement and online party games with our professional MC

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