Virtual Party Theme Ideas

Virtual party themes (fiesta school event)

Last time, we blogged about entertainment ideas and tips on hosting virtual events. Now, we’d like to talk more about virtual party theme ideas and how they can make your online party extra special.

Just like in real-life parties, having a theme is a great way to keep all the elements of your virtual event unified. Having a theme can help make your party stand out and more memorable. It will add to the feeling of togetherness despite not being physically together.

For a virtual party, you can make it fun and creative but also something easy to pull off. If you’re feeling extra and would like to go all out, that would be great too! If the event is to celebrate a person’s birthday or milestone, you can have the celebrant decide on the theme. For a group, base the party theme on the most common interest or the purpose of the event. You can get as creative as you’d like with as many Zoom party ideas as you can come up with.

Virtual Theme Ideas

Color Motif

This might be the simplest to pull off and can work whether it’s a big or simple event. Decide which one color or a color scheme to use and ask the attendees to show up with outfits in that. Background decors or your Zoom party layout can be set to match the color motif too.


Get creative and pick a decade that you fancy or best represents your group. Explore the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Party in vintage fashion and throwback music. The visuals, vibes, and personality will make it one for the books.

Interests, Trends & Favorite Activities

  • Character themes from movies, TV shows, books, comics, or even popular online games
  • Travel theme (especially for those who badly miss travelling because of the pandemic!)
  • Game night or casino theme
  • Favorite artists or music themes
  • Fashion or makeup
  • Colorful themes like rainbows, unicorns, and flowers
  • DIY
  • Memes
  • Seasons
  • Sports theme


Whether you are sending out a physical invitation or keeping it all virtual, the invitation will serve as the teaser for your theme. Sending online party invitations lets the attendees know how important it is to you that they attend. It also makes them more likely to prioritize your event over others.

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Virtual Party Attire

Partying together even just through screens shouldn’t take away the fun of dressing up for the event. Having a pajama party? Ask the attendees to show up in their favorite sleepwear. A virtual party with your outdoors club? Try an indoor camping theme and dress like how you would at camp. Character costumes for a game night. All-pink outfits for an online bridal shower. Online parties may have limitations but possibilities are also endless.


In traditional parties, decor adds to the ambiance of the venue. Feel free to decorate your room according to the theme so that you have the proper vibes where you are. But a popular option now is to have customized or branded layouts for your virtual party.

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Tailor the program and pick online party games that go well with your virtual event theme idea. If you have event entertainers like a virtual DJ, let them know about your party theme so they can play the perfect music for your party. Professional event DJ, MC, and other talents can even dress up for the occasion.

Supermix Entertainment party experts have extensive experience in doing themed parties. From elegant masquerades to retro disco to superhero kids party – you name it. With that experience, we can seamlessly host any type of themed event, play the perfect music at the right time, and keep your party engaged and entertained.

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