At this point, we needn’t reiterate what happened in 2020. The pandemic wrought a myriad number of issues upon the human species, although at some level it was a W for nature? At least that’s what the tabloids and other reports stated. However, we digress.

Coming back to the point, the biggest problem this once-in-a-century pandemic has brought upon us is the abrupt breakdown of our social fabric. People had to, for legitimate reasons, discontinue meeting people in real-life settings in order to keep themselves and their family members safe. A lot of restaurants, amongst other public places meant for recreation and socializing, became empty and a lot of businesses and livelihoods were affected. All in all, it was a global-scale tragedy. However, the old adage that “life finds a way” is a fitting description of how humans have coped with the adversity that came their way in the shape of the pandemic, working around the compunctions of sitting inside their homes to continue living life as they know it. The internet has made a variety of things possible, with one of those things being virtual baby showers.

One of the most beautiful inevitabilities of living on this planet is that no matter how big the cul-de-sac, life is created perpetually. Babies are born a year in and year out to starry-eyed parents stepping into the new phase of their lives, embarking upon a journey with someone who shall always remain an inseparable part of them and will further the values and goodness that lies within all of us.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of HOW people go about having kids, and the process implied being as perennial and perpetual as air itself. Not even the apocalypse can put a pause to that, nuh-uh! So when all that is said and done, and the two of you now have the lil’ one kicking things about like a prime Lionel Messi, you have to think about a fair few things. No, no, not the serious stuff like how you’d split parenting time between the two of you, or insurance or any of that jazz. One of the foremost things you’d have to think about is a baby shower. Earmarking the impending arrival of a bundle of joy can prove to be more stressful than one would initially make out, with all sorts of arrangements to be made.

All that said, the biggest problem today is not what you can stump in terms of extravaganza and pizzazz. The biggest problem actually revolves around how you’d go about getting people to come to your baby shower, for the logistics are now a lot more complicated than they were pre-pandemic. The world has indeed changed, with people opting to move back to their actual homes and working remotely and in general, gettings things done remotely. That last bit is important, as just like most things in 2022, a zoom baby shower is not out of the ordinary or beyond one’s spectrum of imagination. That’s right! You can get it done online. However, the question is- how?

Well, you needn’t do mental gymnastics to figure that out cause you can simply leave it to the experts! With their array of talented folks, from artists to expert technicians, we have all the ingredients in their arsenal to elevate your baby shower from just being a so-so affair to a full-blown celebration that even the lil’ one won’t be able to keep their feet from tapping. Here’s an overview of how we brew up the perfect storm:

Live Host and DJ

Through their energy and verve, our live hosts and DJs endeavor to light up the occasion with their endless positivity and act as the bulwark which holds the bash-up. With them on your side and orchestrating the proceedings, your baby shower is bound to be an eventful one.

Baby Shower Games

Nothing gets the party started quite like the array of virtual baby shower games Supermix has on offer. You can bet on us engineering a whole deal of dynamic, improvisational fun to ensure that everyone’s on the edge of their seats and with a big grin on their faces.

Custom Design, HD Recordings,’s all family friendly!

With our army of audio engineers and computer geeks, we are able to finetune and tailor the baby shower according to your tastes and needs. Oh, and they make sure it’s all family-friendly fun! So feel free to bring along anyone, be it young kiddo or a judgy senior! With their HD recording tech, you’d be able to relive this amazing time as many times as you’d like!

So, what are you waiting for? Request a quote now for us to get in touch with you and illustrate how they can make your baby shower a truly special one.