Everyone deserves to take a chill pill from time to time, don’t they? Well, the benefits of laying off the heat of everyday work don’t quite elude anyone, but then the show cannot be stopped and the work must go on, or must it? In this day and age of remote work and people being scattered all across the world while attending to their daily responsibilities using online means, people have often complained about the absence of what made the office fun for them: the camaraderie, the in-office banter, the togetherness when faced with adversity. While working from home has helped a lot of people find their groove and discover new ways of calibrating themselves to tackle work, one cannot be blamed for missing the charm of working in an office. In this piece, we shall discuss the various benefits of virtual team building.

Is feeling the workday blues an overlooked issue in the case of remote teams?

In the hustle-bustle of working, it becomes increasingly difficult for leadership to identify when the office environment begins to turn stale, at least until it starts affecting the bottom line and employee morale drops. It is a big mistake for people to think that this can only happen when personnel works in a physical space. Stagnancy, exhaustion and growing disconnect can absolutely take place amongst those who work remotely, even more as the ways in which humans connect and subsequent bonding can be sufficiently reinforced are fairly limited. It’s easy to take one’s eye off the prize when you’re seemingly alone, and so the importance of remote team building activities becomes even more apparent.

Team building, yes! But, but..the pandemic! D:

Now you’d be wondering how you can go about this. The pandemic has meant that over the course of these past two years, people went back home and as a result, are scattered all over. It’s not like you can ask Tracy to travel from Nashville, Tennessee to come to your office in NYC just to bond with Jason and Emma of Nevada and Ohio respectively. It might be news to people, but we haven’t invented wormholes yet! So yeah, there’s no way in hell people would be able to make it in the same room.

Virtual team building is the way to go!

What does one do then? Well, don’t sweat it cause when life closes a door, it opens several windows! With the help of the wizardry that is video calling and virtual communication in general i.e Zoom, Skype, etc., you can pretty much bring everyone in the same “room”, if we get liberal with the use of the term. There’s very less nowadays that you cannot do online, and in fact, there are so many avenues people can explore online compared to what they can in a physical setting. For example, you can all play a game of backgammon almost instantly and with zero fuss whilst cozied up in the comfort of your homes. Neat and perfectly conducive to bringing everyone together and having a nice ol’ team building exercise, don’t you think?

So now we have the solution, how will you go about setting up your online team building exercise?

Leave it to the experts!

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