Hiring Wedding DJs? Ask These 5 Questions

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Are you looking to hire a wedding DJ for your big day? If so, then congratulations on the big day ahead!

Many people go back and forth while looking for the DJ that they want for their wedding and reception. However, the choice depends on what all you’ll be asking them to do. Some DJs are more talented than others.

Remember, this day will only happen once in your entire life. Pay the right amount for a DJ who will make your dreams come true!

Here are several questions to ask while you’re thinking of hiring wedding DJs. Asking these questions will help you decide who the right choice is for the party of your life!


1. What All Do You Offer?

Every DJ has a party trick. Some, however, have two, three, or even four party tricks that can make your wedding day that much more special.

The more that they can bring to the table, the better the overall experience they can provide you and your wedding guests. 

Be sure to ask every DJ that you’re hiring what all services they can provide you with. 

For example, some might have an all-around service that contains a DJ, photo booth, MC, photography, and lighting. You can literally knock out 2 or 3 huge needs for your wedding with the same service.

Be sure to ask them who would be directing each service that they provide. Will there be a person on staff who will oversee it all? Make sure to understand the process for what that looks like on the day-of.


2. Can You Describe Your Style?

Different DJs have different styles. It’s no different than two musical artists that have vastly different styles, even though they’re labeled in the same genre.

In order to find a DJ that fits your wedding, you need to find one that closely relates to your style. This will help you find the reception vibe that you’re going for.

For example, if you and your future spouse want to dance to 90’s boy band songs and jock jam hits all night long, you want a DJ that can spin it.

The idea is to find a talented DJ who can incorporate different things. Different songs will attract different guests to the dance floor with you. Find a DJ that proves they can do it all.

Of course, you’ll have your list of requested songs to fill the night with, so don’t take this part too seriously.

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3. Do You Have a Contract?

No matter what DJ you end up choosing, you want to make sure the one you choose is as professional as possible.

DJ’s that offer a contracted service are the ones that you can trust the most. They’re so confident in their abilities that they’re willing to back their performance up behind a legally-binding contract.

Better yet, the contract will line up all expectations for both your side and the DJ’s side as well. It will include all of the services that you’ve agreed upon so that there aren’t any missing aspects come wedding day.

Without a contract in place, the DJ you hire has no obligation to delivering on everything that they promised. If you come across a DJ that doesn’t have a contract, then politely move on to the next candidate.


4. What Experience Do You Have?

Experience is everything when you’re looking for a DJ to hire. Your wedding day is not the time to let your little cousin try his new DJing hobby out.

The wedding DJ role is sacred. It includes playing slow songs that will tug at the heartstrings while incorporating fun and energetic songs to get the people dancing. Not an easy combination to capture.

That’s why it is critical that you hire a DJ with as much experience as possible. If they have a team of people assisting them, those people need to have experience as well.

The more experience that you line yourself up with on your big day, the less a chance that problems will snowball on the day-of.

Try to get a few examples and stories out of the DJs that you’re considering. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them for references from previous clients that you can call. A DJ of integrity has nothing to hide. They’ll be happy to showcase their satisfied clientele.


5. Have You Worked at Our Venue Before?

If experience is the key to your reception’s success, then familiarity is the doorknob that opens it.

While it isn’t entirely necessary to hire a DJ that’s performed at the exact venue that your ceremony/reception is being held, then need to have familiarity with a similar venue.

If they haven’t been at your venue before, but you feel really good about them, then see if you can tour the facility with them. From there they can walk you through different ideas of where to set up their booth in relation to the dance floor.

The experience and familiarity your DJ has, the more comfortable everyone will be on the big day. Anyone who’s ever organized a wedding will tell you that comfort is something you can never have enough of.


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Ask These Questions When Hiring Wedding DJs

Now that you’ve seen several valuable questions to ask while hiring wedding DJs, be sure to put them to good use!

Be sure to read this article for even more information on how to find the best wedding DJ for your reception and ceremony. 

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!