The virtues of a work-life balance aren’t lost on anyone. A plethora of movies, shows, books and self-help guides have been dedicated to the art of striking the perfect deal between you hustling it out there and just the pedal off the metal. However, one cannot merely operate in the realm of working and resting, and one has to look for ways to have fun whilst letting their mind sit back and chill. You need to have something vibrant and exciting going on to get your mind juices flowing, to rejuvenate and revive you. As the old adage goes- work hard, play harder! While we get that a punishing work schedule can leave very little desire or energy to go out there and have fun, it is vital that one takes some time to jerk it out and what’s better than pulling all stops with your friends and family?

Now that we’ve cleared it up, you’d be right to wonder what’s on the agenda. After a long week grinding it out at work, perhaps your idea of downtime doesn’t really involve getting ready to head out. You’re perhaps looking for a way to get the people you cherish together in one room and have a storming time, but it is easier said than done to get everyone at the same place. There are the usual suspects- people who’d make an excuse to bail, or arrive late at the scene, some who’d nitpick the arrangements you’ve made..

…oh yes, the arrangements. All that planning and procuring requires a lot of time and effort, meaning that the entire process ultimately becomes counterproductive. Imagine you put together this splendid evening and while there’s nothing wrong with them, it ends up being a mere get-together where no one really has fun and the evening just passes by with people merely exchanging pleasantries and leaving early cause they’d rather watch paint dry.

So what is it that you need to do to get the fun times started? Well, if compelling people to come and join you for an escapade is so difficult, how are you gonna have fun? You can’t really have fun on a zoom call, can you?

Hell to the yeah you can! The 21st century has brought with it many innovations, and one of them is transcending the physical barriers posed by distance and other inconveniences to meet your people virtually! An online game night can prove to be the exact condiment you need to throw the proverbial kitchen at the wall and have a serious jam!

Now you’d be wondering how you can put together a virtual game night? No need to pull off any mental gymnastics cause the talented, extremely resourceful folks at Supermix have got you covered! Over the years, Supermix has worked extensively to create unique virtual experiences that center around one simple thing- smiles! Supermix works with you to tailor the most ravishing of game nights, giving you a variety of options so you can create that perfect vibe! With their experienced live DJs and hosts to anchor the game night, you can ease up and have the fun and frolic taken care of. The live host conducts a variety of games, including but not limited to Family Feud, Madgab and Trivia. Whatever be the medium or occasion, there’s nothing quite like a zoom game night put together by Supermix!

Oh, and you needn’t worry about the blues that follow after the evening is over! All sessions are HD recorded, so you can replay the good times to relive them as many times as you’d like. Sounds good? Enquire to learn more about the games and the customized options Supermix has on offer and let the games begin! 😀