Finding the Best Wedding DJ for Your Special Day: The Ultimate Guide

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Every year, over 2 million marriages happen in the US. And for the majority of them, you can bet they had a killer DJ to play amazing tunes!

Have you recently gotten engaged and are starting to plan the logistics of your big day? Then you definitely want to get the perfect wedding DJ. This person can make or break your reception, after all.

Don’t know where to start? Then here’s the ultimate guide to finding the best wedding DJ for your special day.

Ask Your Family and Friends

Did you go to your cousin Sarah’s wedding a few years ago and had an awesome time on the dancefloor? Then get in touch with her and ask who she used!

Your family and friends are great resources since they want your wedding to be the best it could be. They don’t have any ulterior motives behind suggesting particular DJs (unless a relative is a pro, of course), which means they’ll always have your best interests at heart.

Another bonus from asking family and friends is most likely, you’ll already have experience with the DJ. Like in the cousin Sarah example, you might’ve already attended a wedding the DJ performed at and have gotten to know how their energy is like. This can be invaluable, as you’ll have more confidence in choosing the best wedding DJ.

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Google Is Your Friend

Next up is a Google search. With just a few taps of the keyboard, you can generate tons of local results.

From there, you can easily see what previous clients had to say about them, and not just on their own websites either. Google will compile all the reviews to give you an overall rating. You can also sort the ratings and see the bad ones to see what exactly are these DJ’s weak points.

Once you get a feel for which wedding DJs make your shortlist, check out their websites. Do they look professionally done? Or does it seem like they just do this as a side gig for fun?

This is your big day, so you want someone who’s a professional and has years of experience in the industry. You want them to treat your wedding as if it were their own.

Also, take a look at any videos from their previous events, if there are any. If there aren’t, put their name into YouTube to see if you can get some results. That way, you can get a good feel for the vibe they create at other events.

Check out All Their Services

Often, DJs won’t just hit “play” during your reception. They’ll also offer things like MCing, photo booths, photographs, videos, and custom lighting.

If these are services you need for your wedding reception, then you’ll want to see if the DJs you’re interested in offer them. If they do, then you’ll want to see if the quality of these services are just as good as their DJ skills.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a DJ who can perform all these other tasks. That way, you won’t have to find other vendors. Plus, it can also be cheaper to bundle these services.

Meet the DJ

Before you book a DJ, make sure you meet them first. You want to get a feel for them, especially if you’ve never seen them in action before.

For instance, if they’re very closed off and reserved, then they probably don’t have the right personality type for a wedding reception where you need someone who’s outgoing, warm, and friendly.

You should also take this chance to ask them all your burning questions. Here are some good ones you should consider:

  • Have you ever played at the venue we’ve chosen?
  • Do you have preset playlists for weddings? If so, what artists and songs are on there?
  • Will you take song requests from our guests?

The answers to these questions will be very important. But how the DJ answers the will be just as crucial.

If they take the time to answer in detail and seem happy to do so, then that’s a great sign. But if they seem reluctant or even impatient to get over these questions, then this may be a red flag.

Start Researching Early

There’s no such thing as researching and planning too early, so once you know when the big day is, hit the ground running!

This is especially important if your wedding will be on a weekend, because think about it: there are only 52 of them in a year! For the more popular wedding DJs, they’ll be booked up before you know it. And for the best, there may even be a waiting list.

So if you don’t want to miss out on the best wedding DJ, then make sure you book them early on. Even if your wedding isn’t for another year or so, it’s still a good idea to start researching, talking to, and booking wedding DJs.


Book the Best Wedding DJ for Your Big Day

With our guide to finding the best wedding DJ, you should hopefully be on your way to booking the best entertainment available for your reception.

You should make sure to start early, since the better DJs will have a full schedule. The sooner you can take care of this aspect of your wedding, the better.

But remember to carefully weigh your options before making a final decision. You only get married once, after all, or at least that’s the idea. So make sure you get the right DJ for your needs and budget!

Are you ready to book the best wedding DJ for your big day? Then get in touch with us now; we’ll give you a free quote. We can even provide you with a photo booth and custom light!