There’s next to nothing in this world which combines childlike elation with the feeling of perspective that time lends, then a birthday party. Without delving into the existential end of the spectrum (we’re sure there are folks better equipped than us to deal with that), life’s too short to not celebrate each passing year with aplomb!

Yeah, yeah, we know. The world’s reality has shifted owing to the global pandemic, and with people being a lot less inclined in general to head over to someone’s place or an office to get together and celebrate life, it’s a bit difficult to envisage how you can throw down the party gauntlet. After all, the most important ingredient to a party is people, right?

Well, you needn’t worry cause thankfully, those who came before us laid the groundwork for what we’ve ultimately come to know as virtual communication. How is this relevant in the context of an article pertaining to birthday party ideas? You already know the answer- we’re gonna get the party started, virtually!

In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the various ways in which you can go about planning *THAT* birthday party. Whether you’re doing this for yourself, a friend or family member, or a colleague, we’ve got the drip and your back! So sit back and let’s pick up the pace.

Picking the right pot and getting on with the pre-planning

Well if there’s one thing that the pandemic has managed to simplify, for good or bad, is the fact that you ultimately needn’t move an inch to set your party up. As is the case with all sorts of parties, the scene and the sort of place you pick matter if your party will be a hit. In the online context, it’s probably the best idea for you to pick Zoom. Why? Cause it’s simple enough to use, meaning that no one’s getting left out and it’ll be easy for you to help out anyone who might not be well-versed with it. Also, if you’re doing this in a professional setting amongst your peers at the office, they’re likely familiar with everything that’s got to do with Zoom and there’ll be minimal fuss or time-wasting with people trying to get set up.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get to the guest list. Since doing this online means you do not have to bear in mind the physical compunctions of having lots of people over, you can call in all your family and friends. Needless to say, Zoom can handle tons of people. In terms of how you’d get the invitations out of the way, simply create a group with your folks in it on any messaging app, or send out emails to everyone you wanna invite over.

Themes, decorations, and all that jazz

Now there are plenty of ways in which you can go about sprucing up a virtual birthday party. A theme plays an important role in setting the wheels in motion, so you’d like to nail one down before you start going hullabaloo with all the prep. Maybe your guests would prefer a serene get-together in the Himalayas, or maybe they’re more in the mood for an 80s throwback James Bond-esque ballroom type of party. Either way, you can achieve that by simply putting up the most redolent theme from the wide array of themes that Zoom has to offer.

If you’d like to go a bit DIY on this and do something that extra bit special, you can also consider decorating the portion of your room which will be visible on camera. Put up some decorations, pictures of your loved ones, and something to make your guests feel loved and cherished. After all, whether it be an actual party or a zoom birthday party, it’s the effort and care that matters.

Now onto the more pressing matters- what about food? You can get it delivered via the umpteen food delivery applications they’ve got these days! Just place an order, add their address, and you’re golden! You needn’t even do it yourself, and let the guests decide their own menu.

So what do we do now that everyone’s here?

Aight, no deer-in-the-headlights moment here! You can arrange to play games, or do some other kind of group activity which gets everyone involved and pumped! You can consider making crafts, or doing some sort of cooking activity, or play a game of whodunnit.

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